How Is RPL Assessed?

Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL can be assessed in a number of different ways. But the process and recognition being used can have a difference between those who provides education and the way it’s being handled in different countries. However, the common method being used is the assessment of one’s portfolio.


In a portfolio, it usually allows the learner to demonstrate and document their knowledge depending on their preferred subject area. Within this portfolio, it will provide certain information of the individual such as how they attained their learning, where they learned it, and the way their experiences will meet whatever is being required by the course provider. If ever you have troubles processing this, schools or colleges will help you out on how you can put this all together, some of which has specific requirements of their own which is why it’s important that you contact them for any inquiries first. After that, the portfolio will be assessed and the provider will come up with a decision in which they will then inform the applicants if they are qualified to undergo RPL. If ever the assessment process may be a bit difficult to handle, they may charge some fees for it which is why they need to make some inquiries first before going on with the process.

If you think that RPL can be applied to your case, you should follow these steps so that you’ll find out if you’re allowed to enter a program.

The first thing that you’re going to have to do is make contact with the programme provider of your preference. So make sure that you find out which ones are available to you so that you can start processing it.

After that, the provider will set up an appointment for you with someone who has the authority to handle this area, or you can also check out their website so that you can find out whatever it is that you need.

During the initial stage, the applicant will provide the needed outline information that will support their application. The applicant will have to use the RPL Application Form to provide this information.

Once these steps have been assessed, you will be arranged with a consultation together with the RPL Advisor. Applicants will then be given advice and support for the preparation of their evidence and to verify their prior learning in the format that is given to them. You should start contacting the school if you will be under the VEC adult PLC Courses. There are times that the only step you’ll have to go through is enrolling in the course of your choice. Also, you should be aware that there are courses where they require previous experiences such as Advanced Computers so make sure that you inquire first if they also require it in your chosen course.

The learning evidence together with the completed RPL application form will be given to the College to have it assessed by the relevant academic unit.

The final output of the assessment process will be sent to the applicant in a certain period.

What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL is a process that will allow working individuals to identify, document, get themselves assessed, and gain some recognition for the things that they have learned or experienced. The learning process may either be formal, informal, informal or even through experience. The context of learning is not the solution to the process, but it’s rather the focus on learning. The process for RPL can be done for several reasons wherein it may include self-knowledge, advanced standing, or credit at an academic institution which it will be later used for licensure, employment, recruitment, or career planning.

Reasons you should take part in RPL

  1. By taking a step back to assess your past experiences as well as reflect on the things which you may have learned will take credit for the skills that you have and then set out your education and career goals. Through these past experiences, you can help start building something out of what you already know and what you are capable of doing.
  2. The process for taking RPL will allow educational institutions, professional bodies, workplaces, and other related organizations make an assessment of what you already know and what you have learned for the purpose of giving you credit, advance your career, or grant a professional status. This will definitely help those individuals who have no time to start schooling just to get credits.
  3. Taking RPL will help you save a lot of time and money by providing additional credits to your learning without having to go over again on the things that you already have a knowledge of.

Take credit for the learning and not for experience

The whole point why RPL was created is because of its approach to assessing the learning process of an individual. The entire process may take place in different education settings and through experiences that are obtained outside of the classroom.

The learning experiences of an individual are important but it’s important to know that learning doesn’t automatically come with experience and the learning process can vary differently from person to person.

Recognition and credit will be provided once you have demonstrated and validated the things you have learned from your experiences and not from experiences themselves. This is where the rule of RPL takes into account wherein it says: “credit for learning, not experience.”

When you undergo for an RPL assessment, keep in mind that it’s about the learning and not the experience that matters. What’s more important is that depending on what you want to achieve, your skills and knowledge must adhere to the standards set upon by the workplace. It will also include the competencies and professional skills that are identified by the professional bodies, or learning results based on how it was described on the outline of the courses of the post-secondary institutions.

So with RPL, you will definitely have an easy time letting your skills and experiences be recognized. Through this, you will surely end up working for the job that you love and most knowledgeable of.

How to Choose the Right Childcare for your kids

choose-the-right-school-for-your-childGoing to their first day at school is a gigantic step for children since there will be many more years where they will be doing it on their own. But before all that can happen, there is a process involved wherein you must go and search for the best schools in your area. This is also a big step for every parent since it is going to be their kid’s first school and everything they will think about it will all depend on this moment. With the childcare industry booming it’s normal that the offer became more and more competitive. A lot of pressure is now on the provider of Childcare courses to maintain each school competitive. At the same time. for some parents, choosing the right school can be a tedious task, and we won’t argue to that. It’s understandable that the searching process can be a tiring one especially if you have lots of prospect schools to consider from. With that, don’t make it too much of a burden and allow us to help you out with that by giving you a guideline on how you should judge each school. Through this process, you won’t easily get tired, and you will find the ideal school in no time. So read the information below and get to the school searching process right after this.

Understand your child – The first thing that you must always keep in mind is that it is your child who’s going to be at school. It is your child that you should understand what they want to expect from the school that they’d be going to. If your child has some requests that are not too big, then attend to that instead of ignoring it and follow what you think is best for them. This will help your child to slowly adjust to the first day of school blues and make them look forward to something that would be considered as the start of a great journey for them.

Make a list -Since you will have a lot of prospect schools for your child, then you should make a list of a top 5 or top 10 depending on the volume. The purpose of this list is so that you will have an easy time comparing the best from the worst. It will also help ensure that you will have an easy time tracking them. Also, make sure to consider the location of the schools because travel time is necessary to prevent them from getting late.

Begin evaluating schools – Now that you have come up with a great list, it’s time that you start assessing the schools by visiting every one of them. For the evaluation process, you have to come up with criteria that will help judge the school’s appearance, facilities, classrooms, and most importantly, it’s teachers. This evaluation process will help you have an easy time deciding on which you think stood out the most. Make sure also to bring your child along with you so that they can get a feel for the school’s atmosphere and even meet their teachers. It will provide a foundation on how they will feel when they’re at school.

What Makes a Great Teacher in RPL?

great-teacherA teacher is considered as the 2nd parent of every child because when the biological/foster parents are not around, they are there to guide their student’s journey and educate them with the necessary learnings to get through life. So apart from choosing the right school, having a great teacher is also another factor that every parent should consider. This will help make the schooling experience of your child a memorable one and they won’t have a hard time of being on their own there.

When you are starting your course in Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) you want your teacher to really be down to earth and able to provide for you the best experience regardless of your level of experience and your age. Especially when it come to RPL, people with previous experience in a certain industry needs to be guided by someone with ever more experience then them otherwise they may lose confidence in their teacher and that would be a big problem.

It is ideal that you interview your children’s teacher one by one so that you can assess if they are a perfect fit or not. This process should be considered as a priority because a teacher can also have a significant influence towards your child’s life. So if you want to know what kind of characteristics that you should look into when finding a teacher then here they are:

Have high expectations for all students – It is not a good feature if a teacher has a favoritism for one of their students. A teacher should treat each of their students equally because they believe that each one is destined for great things. It is their job to encourage their students always to strive for greatness, and they will be there to guide them along their journey. So if you see that a teacher treats her students equally, then you can say that that is a good choice right there.

They are prepared and organized – The ideal teacher has a good layout on the order of lessons that they will be teaching, and if they have that then you can consider them to be the responsible kind. Every teacher has a lesson plan that they prepare before the start of the class, and they organize everything so that the teachings will unfold smoothly. If a teacher is concerned with the welfare of their students, then they are always prepared and organized to start the class properly.

They engage with their students – The best teacher knows how to engage on each one of their students and treats them uniquely. Every child will feel determined in going to school if the teacher encourages them that they can get better with learning each day. So make sure to look for a teacher that can see the potential in every child and not someone who only favors one of her students.

Great teacher builds a good relationship with her studentsGood teachers serve as mentors for your kid, but there are times that they should be more than that. Teachers must sometimes go beyond in being a teacher just to make their students comfortable in class and be more open to them whenever they have some problems. They must know how to build good relationships with their students and must know how to act as a 2nd parent. If a teacher knows how to do this, then you can guarantee that your child won’t feel neglected even when they are at school.

How to Prepare Your Child for School

prepare-your-child-for-schoolSending your child to their first day of school can be tough especially when they’re so attached to staying at home and not being left behind to a stranger. This will be a bit of a challenge especially on convincing your child that a school is a place that they should be comfortable with. If that is the case, then you need to take careful steps that will help your child be prepared for their very first day at school.

So for parents out there, we have prepared some tips that you should take into consideration to make your child’s first day at school a total breeze. It will make them ready of the days to come especially on making them feel that everything will be alright. Check out the following information for your own reference.

    • Let your child be aware of the time they will be spending at school. The ideal way of doing this is by telling them what time does school correctly starts and ends. This will help your child at least have an idea of how long they will be spending their time there.
    • To find out how your child exactly feels about school, make sure to ask them about their excitement and their concerns. This is a great way of assessing anything that worries them and let you address it right away. If you took care of everything that they’ve felt towards school, then it won’t give you too much of a problem on their first day.
    • Give your child a tour of the school and classroom before the semester starts so that they will have an idea of this new environment. Also, get them to meet their new teacher so that they won’t feel like a total stranger to them. It will also help address any concerns and will allow you to fix it right away.

  • You can try listing the positive aspects of what your child can experience at school. This includes having lots of fun and meeting new friends. It can help them experience excitement, and you won’t need too much convincing on them.
  • Let your child know that it’s normal to feel nervous on the first day of school because the other kids feel the same way as well. One reason that children are afraid of going to school because they get a feeling that they will be humiliated by the other kids in school. By doing some good convincing on them, going to school won’t make them anxious anymore.
  • If any problems on the part of your child come up, then assure them that everything will be alright and that you’d always be there to help them solve it. Convince them those problems are part of everyone’s lives, and there’s always a solution that can take care of it. It will also prevent your child from feeling nervous if ever something comes up.

So the next time you will be bringing your kid to their first day at school, always remind them of these steps to ensure that you won’t have too much of a problem on that day.