How Is RPL Assessed?

Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL can be assessed in a number of different ways. But the process and recognition being used can have a difference between those who provides education and the way it’s being handled in different countries. However, the common method being used is the assessment of one’s portfolio.


In a portfolio, it usually allows the learner to demonstrate and document their knowledge depending on their preferred subject area. Within this portfolio, it will provide certain information of the individual such as how they attained their learning, where they learned it, and the way their experiences will meet whatever is being required by the course provider. If ever you have troubles processing this, schools or colleges will help you out on how you can put this all together, some of which has specific requirements of their own which is why it’s important that you contact them for any inquiries first. After that, the portfolio will be assessed and the provider will come up with a decision in which they will then inform the applicants if they are qualified to undergo RPL. If ever the assessment process may be a bit difficult to handle, they may charge some fees for it which is why they need to make some inquiries first before going on with the process.

If you think that RPL can be applied to your case, you should follow these steps so that you’ll find out if you’re allowed to enter a program.

The first thing that you’re going to have to do is make contact with the programme provider of your preference. So make sure that you find out which ones are available to you so that you can start processing it.

After that, the provider will set up an appointment for you with someone who has the authority to handle this area, or you can also check out their website so that you can find out whatever it is that you need.

During the initial stage, the applicant will provide the needed outline information that will support their application. The applicant will have to use the RPL Application Form to provide this information.

Once these steps have been assessed, you will be arranged with a consultation together with the RPL Advisor. Applicants will then be given advice and support for the preparation of their evidence and to verify their prior learning in the format that is given to them. You should start contacting the school if you will be under the VEC adult PLC Courses. There are times that the only step you’ll have to go through is enrolling in the course of your choice. Also, you should be aware that there are courses where they require previous experiences such as Advanced Computers so make sure that you inquire first if they also require it in your chosen course.

The learning evidence together with the completed RPL application form will be given to the College to have it assessed by the relevant academic unit.

The final output of the assessment process will be sent to the applicant in a certain period.

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