What Makes a Great Teacher in RPL?

great-teacherA teacher is considered as the 2nd parent of every child because when the biological/foster parents are not around, they are there to guide their student’s journey and educate them with the necessary learnings to get through life. So apart from choosing the right school, having a great teacher is also another factor that every parent should consider. This will help make the schooling experience of your child a memorable one and they won’t have a hard time of being on their own there.

When you are starting your course in Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) you want your teacher to really be down to earth and able to provide for you the best experience regardless of your level of experience and your age. Especially when it come to RPL, people with previous experience in a certain industry needs to be guided by someone with ever more experience then them otherwise they may lose confidence in their teacher and that would be a big problem.

It is ideal that you interview your children’s teacher one by one so that you can assess if they are a perfect fit or not. This process should be considered as a priority because a teacher can also have a significant influence towards your child’s life. So if you want to know what kind of characteristics that you should look into when finding a teacher then here they are:

Have high expectations for all students – It is not a good feature if a teacher has a favoritism for one of their students. A teacher should treat each of their students equally because they believe that each one is destined for great things. It is their job to encourage their students always to strive for greatness, and they will be there to guide them along their journey. So if you see that a teacher treats her students equally, then you can say that that is a good choice right there.

They are prepared and organized – The ideal teacher has a good layout on the order of lessons that they will be teaching, and if they have that then you can consider them to be the responsible kind. Every teacher has a lesson plan that they prepare before the start of the class, and they organize everything so that the teachings will unfold smoothly. If a teacher is concerned with the welfare of their students, then they are always prepared and organized to start the class properly.

They engage with their students – The best teacher knows how to engage on each one of their students and treats them uniquely. Every child will feel determined in going to school if the teacher encourages them that they can get better with learning each day. So make sure to look for a teacher that can see the potential in every child and not someone who only favors one of her students.

Great teacher builds a good relationship with her studentsGood teachers serve as mentors for your kid, but there are times that they should be more than that. Teachers must sometimes go beyond in being a teacher just to make their students comfortable in class and be more open to them whenever they have some problems. They must know how to build good relationships with their students and must know how to act as a 2nd parent. If a teacher knows how to do this, then you can guarantee that your child won’t feel neglected even when they are at school.